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Brian Kersten Veterinarian


Brian Kersten Veterinarian

Brian Kersten Veterinarian’s life story is a tapestry woven from his passions for animal welfare, community service, and family. Growing up on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin, he developed a deep connection with animals, setting him on a path to become a beacon in veterinary medicine. His academic journey at the University of Minnesota culminated in 1977, earning him a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with high distinction.

Today, he stands at the helm of Mercy Veterinary Service in Baldwin, WI, a clinic founded out of his steadfast belief in accessible veterinary care. Specializing in small animal medicine, surgery, and veterinary dentistry, he ensures every pet receives top-tier care. His role as a relief veterinarian in Amery, WI, amplifies his impact, making quality veterinary services available across various communities.

Post Brian’s undergraduate triumph, he pursued a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, graduating in 1983. His career commenced in a mixed animal practice in Burlington, WI, where he accrued invaluable experience and expertise. In 1985, he embraced a transformative journey, dedicating 2.5 years to relief and development efforts in Haiti. This period underscored his commitment to service, transcending borders and species. He resumed his veterinary practice in Baldwin, WI, eventually becoming the owner of a local course in 2001 and serving the community as President of the Pierce St. Croix Humane Society.

Even after selling his practice in 2016, his enthusiasm for animal welfare never waned, leading to the establishment of Mercy Veterinary Service in 2021. His benevolence extends beyond his clinic, evident in his volunteer work at Today’s Harvest Food Shelf, his contributions to global initiatives through Mercy Corps, and his volunteer veterinary services at Barefoot Crow Animal Rescue.

Away from his professional and charitable commitments, Brian finds joy and balance in family life, gardening, and music, mainly playing the guitar. His life’s journey from a Wisconsin farm to a respected veterinarian and philanthropist embodies his unwavering commitment to service, compassion, and the betterment of lives, both animal and human. As Brian celebrates four decades since his graduation from veterinary school, his legacy continues to inspire and uplift.

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Brian Kersten Veterinarian


Brian Kersten Veterinarian